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Personal Brand

People are desperately looking for an Instagram account just like yours; they want to be inspired, entertained, equipped and informed by the value you offer. You have what people want.
Now, its a case of creating content, building your voice and growing your account to reach these people, developing an engaged community of like-minded fans, followers and customers.
We know the value of positioning yourself where people are investing their attention.
So how does your personal or business brand fit in to all of this and create this community?
And as long as there are people engaging with content on the platform; liking, commenting and viewing, there will be a need to have a presence on Instagram. And a good quality presence is one that is visually appealing and represents yourself and your brand personally and professionally.
The most commonly asked question I receive from my followers and people I meet who know what I do is;
“How did your account grow that big?”
“What’s the secret?”
“How do I build my own brand on Instagram?”
I found my replies were all very similar, no matter the style or theme of the account seeking wisdom. These keys were consistency, authenticity and community.
These answers sound great to a Instagram expert (trust me, I thought I sounded like a true professional!), but it soon dawned on me that everyday people weren’t after these broad, all-encompassing answers. People wanted steps – they wanted direct keys and immediately implementable actions to take.
This is where my Instagram Coaching comes in…I developed the ‘Create Build Grow’ curriculum to  personally walk people through every stage of their Instagram journey.
Let’s build an active, engaged and organic community of followers who love your personal brand!